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My band recently did a studio session with SubsceneTV, think it turned out pretty well, we also talk awkwardly about Baybeats and our peers and heroes

Played our best show yet on my birthday, it felt really good, this is a new song



Hey lovely people hey.

We hope you missed us, ‘cos we’re back with a smashing Season 2 that’ll unfold in the next few weeks.

The four featured artists are: Lymbyc Systym, Caroline, Hanging Up the Moon and Lunarin.

We’re really stoked about it, and we know you will be once you watch them. Expect the same great art direction by our video team, Birdmandog, and the precise audio production of Snakeweed Studios’ stalwart Leonard Soosay, that characterized our groundbreaking Season 1. Every video we produce is a lesson for us, and we are continually learning to raise the standards higher and higher. 

Now for the juicy part. Check out Lymbyc Systym’s interview and performances of ‘Downtime’ and ‘Eyes Forward’ below, and look out for the trippy visuals courtesy of visual maestro Jun.

Interview Transcript:

How is Lymbyc Systym’s writing process like?

Jared: We wrote everything from our experiences. We have that keenly in mind with all our music. I think one of the main differences we have from other bands is that we kind of have a really strong half-melodic, half-percussive element, and all the stuff we write have a really beat-driven thing in mind. We treat the beats as melodies. We try to think of the drum parts and the programming parts as equal counterweights to one another.

Michael: I think part of having a band, or being a musician, is about being really confident about what you’re doing, whether it’s good or bad. And so we’ve always trusted in our ability to compose and record music. I don’t think I’ve ever felt constrained.

So you guys are brothers, right? How does that affect the process?

Jared: We’ve played music together for so long, it’s like we immediately get each other’s ideas.

Michael: There’s a lot of liberty with being just two people, especially as brothers, and just knowing how to work together. I think there’s really a lot of freedom in that.

Jared: Our process when we record starts with really just an idea from either Mike or myself, and then kind of just sharing that back-and-forth. So when we’re writing, it’s just this constant back-and-forth exchange, until we have a really solid song, and then we sort of go at it together, and fine-tune all the details and get picky about what we like - or don’t like - about each other’s parts. But the beginning of every song is just that back-and-forth exchange.

Does the band consciously try to explore new sounds?

Michael: To me, it’s all really nice when bands like Love have an ongoing evolution, where each record is a little different, but it’s still coming from the individual members’ creative well.

Jared: I’d rather have a band that makes a shitty third or fourth album and have it be different, than to make the same album over and over again. It’s important to keep trying something new.

Michael: Yeah, to always be forward.

Tell us more about the two songs you performed, ‘Eyes Forward’ and ‘Downtime’.

Michael: So both of those are new songs that aren’t released yet, and will be on our upcoming album, that will be released sometime in the near future - we don’t really know when yet. 

Thanks guys! We really enjoyed your performance. We’re looking forward to more stuff from Lymbyc Systym.

About time. World-class audio+video and one of my favourite bands. Plus its pretty amazing to see how Michael Bell’s drumming gets more and more sophisticated over the years.

Sooooo, I got to hang out with Holy Fuck when they were here two weeks ago. And meet a bunch of people who, it turns out, are all acquainted with each other on Last.fm / Tumblr / other obscure connections. Pretty rad night.

Big shout out to Bandwagon and SQNC for making it happen.

A N E C H O I S - The Moon and The Sun (Live at Home Club)

Awkwardly rocking my David Sparkle tee


Us performing Postcards at Baybeats, 2011. Thanks Tasha!

This night was amazing

Anechois - Your Absence Is Permanent (live)

If you’ll excuse my conceitedness, I love playing this song so much I want to have its babies. We’re hitting Se7en1nch again with some very fine bands like Achilous, Andrew Sane, and Dulcinea on the 30th. Details here!


Pleasantry at NUS Radio Pulze Live Lounge

I’m digging the new band — odd rhythms, dirty guitar, kinda Broken Social Scene vibe. Definitely more than Postbox reincarnate.

Pleasantry will be playing Roktober 2011 at Timbre @ The Substation on 20th October.

B-Quartet - Beautiful Crash

Sounding their best at Spread The Love 2011. Praying for Luqman’s speedy recovery.


For 12 // Other Lives

Gave them another listen after being introduced by Karen and I definitely love them now. Their sounds are so amazing and enchanting even Thom Yorke digs it. If you haven’t heard of them, I reckon you get into it pronto. 

This is good, but I’ll be damned KEXP seriously set the titles in Arial Black?


Toe - Past and Language

Favourite gig DVD

Favourite Japanese band

Favourite drummer

(via darketchings)

Arajua - Sky (Live at Homeclub)

From the Flickering Lights, Atmospheric Waves EP launch. Really clear video but the audio is clipped.

Monster Cat - Underwater

Fantastic new band from a fantastic new series entitled Snakeweed Sessions, which is — you guessed it — live sessions from Leonard Soosay’s Snakeweed Studios. If there’s ever been a legendary studio in modern music in Singapore, it’s Snakeweed.

Via I’m Waking Up To:

For the pilot episode of Snakeweed Sessions, we have chosen up-and-coming Singapore band Monster Cat, who have a debut EP titled Mannequins due for release later this spring. In this clip, the band gives us a sneak preview to that upcoming release with “Underwater”, a breathtaking piece that builds the tension beneath its dreamfolk veneer, restlessly surfacing later with quiet intensity. Watch out for this promising new band, and stay tuned for more Snakeweed Sessions coming your way. - Dan.

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