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Quantum Levitation demontrated by the School of Physics & Astronomy, Tel-Aviv University. Dang.

Next stop: hoverboard.

Uppercut from California is a place. on Vimeo.


California Is a Place: Uppercut

 Sick of cubicle life, programmers from Silicon Valley’s biggest companies, like Google, Apple, and Yahoo, have started a fight club


The Onion:

Apple: New iPhone Good

CUPERTINO, CA - During a highly anticipated media event held today at the Apple corporation’s world headquarters, CEO Tim Cook announced the new iPhone 4S is good and people should buy it. “It’s a good phone,” said Cook, walking out onto a stage and gesturing at a picture of the device projected on a large screen behind him. “It’s got e-mail, the Internet, and you can get apps on it. Everybody should get one. It’s good.”

(via maxistentialist)

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