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Yep yep yep.

sick sick sick (watch HD + fullscreen)



Quantum Levitation demontrated by the School of Physics & Astronomy, Tel-Aviv University. Dang.

Next stop: hoverboard.

"strange charms" by Justin Koh

Visual + sound art contribution for the Creative Commons Singapore Festival 2011. Remixing is highly encouraged.

This video is released under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.

Please refer to the video page for updated links to audio and video sources/stems.

Random bits from the first show

Anechois - The Artist’s Mind

First show. I just want to gaze at my shoes I don’t like playing lead ﹋﹏﹋

Uppercut from California is a place. on Vimeo.


California Is a Place: Uppercut

 Sick of cubicle life, programmers from Silicon Valley’s biggest companies, like Google, Apple, and Yahoo, have started a fight club


Pleasantry’s very first song for a short film. Here’s a 3-minute excerpt of a film directed by Mohd Salihin.

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A History of Lyrics That Aren’t Lyrics

Shalalalalalala la la la la ti da! This ingenius mashup combines all the catchiest non-word lyrics from 26 hit songs that span over 49 years — from the Beatles’ “Hey Jude” to Hansen’s “MMMBop!” 

The song is directed by viral video virtuoso Joe Sabia and performed by Jane Lui, with Michael T. on bass and Jonathan Batiste on piano. Together they are also known as Collective Cadenza. Sabia has created YouTube videos for clients that include Google, BBC America, and Weezer, and mashups like this Google Wave / Pulp Fiction remix. In an interview with The Atlantic, he walks us through the making of the History of Lyrics That Aren’t Lyrics and what “viral” really means.

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Pleasantry at NUS Radio Pulze Live Lounge

I’m digging the new band — odd rhythms, dirty guitar, kinda Broken Social Scene vibe. Definitely more than Postbox reincarnate.

Pleasantry will be playing Roktober 2011 at Timbre @ The Substation on 20th October.

John Dies at the End teaser trailer

A movie based on a book by Cracked.com editor David Wong:

There are numerous things wrong with my brain that in the future will almost certainly be classified as diseases. A few years ago, while I was working in a cubicle at an insurance company, I decided that putting all of what I was seeing in my head into words would alleviate the disease by spreading it to other people (it was only much later that someone sat me down and told me that’s not how diseases work). The result was a supposed autobiographical story about the time me and my friend John took drugs and were chased by monsters. It was a tale that required 150,000 words to tell and 36 of them were “boner.” I called it John Dies at the End because I realized most people were busy and would want to know the most relevant facts right away.


Life in Black and White: Crossword Puzzles

“If I could only do one thing my whole life … it would be to make crosswords.”

Life in Black and White is a series of four beautifully shot documentaries featuring people who work in “black and white.” Andrea Carla Michaels is passionate about words, and has been constructing crossword puzzles for decades. Other films in the series feature dominos, penguins, and grand pianos; you can watch them here.

San Francisco-based filmmaker Regina Rivard talks about the making of the series in an interview in The Atlantic.

B-Quartet - Beautiful Crash

Sounding their best at Spread The Love 2011. Praying for Luqman’s speedy recovery.

Zooey vs Jimmy Fallon play random instruments with The Roots guessing the songs

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